Compare 3 MBA Programs in Auditing

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An MBA is a Master of Business Administration degree. It is obtainable once a bachelor’s degree has been accomplished. This next step in your education reveals to prospective employers that you’ve attained a full understanding of the topic of study.

What is an MBA in Auditing? In the world of finance, data must be properly verified in order to be trusted. Auditing is the system whereby information is submitted to an independent third party who checks that the conclusions that have been drawn have been obtained properly. They verify all data and then confirm that all processes have been properly followed to reach the correct results. The act of having your data audited gives the company and third parties that do business with the company some confidence that all statements of financial health have been thoroughly and properly vetted.

The benefits of gaining an MBA in Auditing can reach beyond your professional life and into your personal life. You might find that you’ve attained skills in computer science, money management, and organization.

The cost of a program like this one can fluctuate according to the school you choose, the region in which it is located, and how much of the program can be accomplished online. Contact your preferred institution directly to learn more.

Careers in the field of auditing are expansive and reach beyond traditional accounting firms. While you might choose to go that route and become a staff accountant who handles the auditing of other company’s books, you might also have the option of starting your own business and growing from the ground up. Alternatively, you could become a teacher, writer or consultant, sharing your knowledge with others. There are also options in government work: Multiple branches of government deal with the auditing of private businesses’ books.

Around the world, schools of all sizes offer programs in auditing, both online and in person. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.